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St. Gabriel Band in Midland 2014 St. Gabriel Band in Midland 2014
Awesome day with piano kids and friends. Fundraising Balloons and Pho Noodle soup by St. Gabriel band
We offer free piano lesson for kids.
Students will learn how to play the piano, sight-singing, music arrangements and play in our music band.
We put on charity music concerts and events for get kids involved in charity work and teach them leadership. All of the money raised will go to help kids to school in poor countries all over the world.

What we are doing
On Saturday Sep 22, 2012, St. Gabriel Band conducted an evening of free Vietnamese music and fun, to fund raise for Sharelife program. Special guests: Rev. Josept Tap Tran, Pastor of St. Cecilia Parish, Phaolo Choir, Trinh Vuong Choir. (more info...)

On Saturday Dec 15, 2013, we joined the Mission of the Vietnamese Martyrs in the XMas Concert, to fund raise for the renovation of St. Cecilia church.
(more info...)